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Oh don't you love the small details! As to it being the end-there might be one more chapter-shorter though-but then i shall bring this story to an end. Harry or Hermione go back to Tom Riddles or the Marauders time. Tumblr is a hard place to find Harry Potter fanfiction because it’s not searchable the way that ffnet and AO3 are. 5K. A strange new Snape is enraged to find that his son has been replaced by a stranger. Net Adult-FanFiction. Adult-FanFiction. After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. Mcgonnogal SHOULD have had her wand out and a spell flying immediately after the avada kadavra and it would be over. Warnings: Severitus fic. Neville show more Ron marries Ginny, has six kids. This abuse control system is run in accordance with Fanfiction Recommendations I write, and have a great preference to read, erotica. He shouldn't be like this! I pulled out my wand, it still was serving me well after almost twenty years. But when you do come across a beautifully thought out and fleshed out one-shot “what if” story about a family that might have been, you make sure everyone you know reads it. Harry POV I leaned Harry's school was only fifteen minutes away from his house. Net Author's Summary: Harry is surprised when Snape pulls him out of his miserable habitation at the Dursleys during the summer before sixth year, and disgusted when he finds out they'll be stuck together all summer. He sets out on a mission to make every one of Harry’s Christmases special. Love that is new and love that is old and a love that threatens to destroy everything. Characterization was a bit off on Spike I thought, but otherwise an enjoyable story. Net Author's Summary:Harry waits for the summons to go fight the last battle of the war against Voldermort and tries to come to terms with the sacrifice he knows he'll have to make even when Remus tries to talk him out of it. Harry discovers that when he comes into direct contact with Quirrell,  30 Jun 2006 One of the best parts of the Harry Potter books has been JKR's . It has a sequel and an epilogue that stands alone. Abused Angel- A Percy Jackson Fanfiction Chapter II ( The Sleepy) Yes, I figured out this was a god that was in front of me. In which chapter tessa finds out?!? So, I wanna know in which chapter of after fanfiction Tessa finds out about harry's bet and I also wanna know if Harry actually falls for Tessa or not, and if yes, which chapter is about that? LiquidPhazon. But the one voice that stood out was McGonagall's, "I told you Albus. The feels. Harry Finds out the Truth about the Prophecy Discussion and Reviews. Welcome to the Father and Son cateogory of Potions, Snitches and Unlikely Relations!. Quirrell reveals that he let the troll in, tried to kill Harry in the Quidditch match and that Snape has been protecting Harry all along while trying to stop Quirrell. What happens Ok, I'm sorry I didn't clarify. Harry said simply, lifting his hair to show his scar. Harry Potter belongs to J. It is up to Harry ,his new friends,and their pokemon to stop a villainous team from trying to steal the orbs of the dimensional Trio. Something Snape decides to put a stop to. org or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the Adult-FanFiction. Harry finds the strength & allies to win a war. Summary: Harry And Snape Play a game of monopoly, a very intresting offer is made for the chance to re roll, quickly things become confuses for snape, Harry wants him, but snape wont beleive it. Abused Angel- A Percy Jackson Fanfiction Sneak Peak of the Prologue in progress Elisabeth S. She'd find out later anyway. . Harry Potter, Meet Ginny Weasley by QwayMelqnu [Reviews - 29] Ginny finds out that her older brother Ron has somehow befriended 'The Boy Who Lived'. He visited Harry, Ron, and Hermione while they hid out in Grimmauld Place and offered to help with their search for Voldemort's Abused Angel- A Percy Jackson Fanfiction Sneak Peak of the Prologue in progress Elisabeth S. Elopement (reaction from Weasley family) Charlie finds out Ginny got married. We have been receiving a large volume of requests from your network. he exclaimed, finally finding his voice again. Many of the following HP fanfiction recommendations are stories that I'd classify as erotica, though not all, by any means. Ginny is injured in a Quidditch match. Opinion: This fanfiction was surprisingly well laid out. Harry puts on the sorting hat in the chamber and instead of the sword of Gryffindor, because he knows about the elder wand, it drops that instead. Sirius comes back to life, only to die from an overdose. First you feel less emotional reluctance to risk your bloody LIFE and probably DIE for Hermione, than to part with a stupid heap of gold. The daughter of Snape and Lily, half-sister of Harry Potter. Includes the oneshot prequel Harry's First Detention and the multichapter titular fic, found here. The Professor took Harry's trunk out of his pocket and un-shrunk it before  2 Feb 2017 WB F8 Battle of Hogwarts Weasleys McGonagall students Great Hall HPDH2- 06525 When Harry Potter yelled at Professor Umbridge vowing Lord about not being able to find Harry, and suggested blaming Hogwarts students for rather than tipping all the house points out of the Gryffindor hourglass. When Voldemort finds a way to trace Harry through his magic, Dumbledore sends him into hiding, to live as a muggle until he reaches the age of magical majority and the trace is removed. Stories where Harry learns of Magic and possibly practices it before receiving his canon Hogwarts Letter. Luckily for him, in loosing his pet he gains a brilliant partner who is at least as abnormal as he is himself. Curse of Fate: Mistress Nika: Harry Potter: fanfiction. Join them as they board the Orient Express, enjoy some good food, fine art, and, of course, a bit of romance. With Voldemort dead, Harry Potter is training to be an Auror and is finally back together with Ginny Weasley. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. In the aftermath, Snape becomes the Headmaster and radically changes Hogwarts. 'Incendio!' I said loudly enough for Harry to hear, a column of fire splayed out my wand and out into the morning air. org by its members. The AFF system includes a rigorous and complex abuse control system in order to prevent improper use of the AFF service, and we hope that its deployment indicates a good-faith effort to eliminate any illegal material on the site in a fair and unbiased manner. Snape then contributes: You see, McGonagall, Hagrid, Dumbledore, and Snape found out that Harry was given away by the Dursleys, and McGongall and Snape went to the orphanage (disguised as muggles, of course) and found out that Harry was adopted by an American couple. This abuse control system is run in accordance with McGonagall eats Doby the house elf. It's a bit farfetched in some places, but the general plot is Harry meets a new neighbor who finds out he has cancer, so he finds a spell that transfers the disease to himself. Draco finds out he’s a Weasley and kills self. The Nightmare Man by Tiro Summary: In the depths of the Ministry, there is a cell for the world’s most dangerous man… and he wants out. 02:08 am: Snape is Harry's Father Fanfiction Recs Snape is Harry's Father is a genre in HP fandom that has been around for many years. Only Snape must overcome his insecurities and Harry his goal of remaining pure. It is simple really. But just when he thinks he's safe, who else but the former bane of his existence arrives to liven up his new, peaceful life. I told you they were the worst muggles imaginable. Episode 08: Harry’s Soulmate (11,482 words) Harry loses his temper and Bill Weasley makes an educated guess. Dismissing Ginny from her thoughts, Hermione returned her thoughts to Harry Potter. K. It's not enough for them just to get an NC-17 rating! And erotica isn't limited to just Plot-What-Plot. This leads him to have a different of Harry as well rescuing from the durselys Other Details Not much is known about Neville parents or their friends this could be included into the story. Rain, a Ravenclaw, was a year behind the Marauders, and had romantic entanglements with both Sirius and Remus. To continue with your YouTube experience, please fill out the form below. He even tore out a clump of his own hair in anxiety over the possibility that his child would be born a werewolf. For their wedding vows they just said “scared, Potter?” “You wish. Cov Harry Potter Marauders Harry Potter Fan Art The Marauders Harry Potter Memes Harry Potter Fandom Harry Potter Universal Harry Potter World Harry Potter Professors Harry James Potter After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. I. V Read 12. Ginny suddenly let out a high moan as Harry felt her hot juices cover his cock. Answers. Heather is a cutter, she is abused, and she's a witch. But the care with which Harry handles the broken thing makes Draco realise he has never had nice things before. Minerva places Harry in another household, this time a loving one. When it turns out that Malfoy is completely innocent, Harry himself is put up for the murder charge. Harry looked at me again, as if he was judging me but then he slowly nodded. com is an archive of Harry Potter Fanfiction stories of all types and no restrictions. Most of the story is fine except these r/HPfanfiction: Fanfic - Hogwarts style! Brutal Harry by LordsFire. But when the A. Eight years later, Sirius owns a book store and Remus manages it for him. Under the guise of a Student exchange program, Harry’s id is changed and he is resorted into Slytherin. “Albus heard it sixteen years ago, and knew, when my parents were killed, that I was the one destined to die, taking Voldemort with me. Secret Santa style, of course. Though not its own fanfic, Potterotica is a podcast worth checking out for any fan of Harry Potter erotica. Harry Potter • Xander-Centered • 235 stories • Updated 2 Dec. When one morning he disappears, Twilight decides it's time to check on him and figure out what the problem is. One is a wizard from England and the other is from a galaxy far far away. net Harry is a PhD student who suffers from Multiple sclerosis. Fanfiction. Enjoy. While the sexual aspects of the story were not detailed After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. Severus wanted to be a father to Lillian but Dumbledore wouldn't let him, made him give her away to the orphanage that Voldemort grew up in. and coulson finds out and freaks, a lot of hurt tony and him thinking what the team did was ok because it made them happy and so they would not leave him. But the smartest witch of her generation does not let herself be enslaved that easily. hope you enjoy!if anyone has any suggestions about storys to add please mail me. I’d love any recommendations from others, but here are mine. Professor Minerva McGonagall. Harry is physically abused, mentally unstable, or has some kind of psychiatric disorder, and Snape either guides or provides emotional support or therapy. , will be deleted as well. HarryPotterFanfiction. Rowling. Summary: Harry is resorted into Slytherin House and as a result, his formed best friend turns on him. Harry Potter of House Slytherin begins his Third Year at Hogwarts Battle School and realizes that friend and foe are too similar for his liking. Snape was surprised that Crouch was still alive. I will not be posting whole movies, this is illegal. Length: 62K, Complete. ” “Harry, that’s not how it has to be,” the headmaster began. Hiding from Voldemort, Draco Malfoy is put under Hermione's watch to keep him safe Harry and Ron are out searching for Horcruxes and Hermione's been left to help Professor McGonagall run Hogwarts. The rest of the Weasleys entered quickly including Harry and Ginny, who for some reason looked nervous. The following is a work of fanfiction. luna, harry, ginny. ”. Harry kills the basilisk with the elder wand by levitating it to the top of the chamber and dropping it to the floor, and one of its teeth falls out and randomly hits the diary, killing the horcrux. because they would find out about the bruises, and Uncle Vernon would kill  17 Apr 2011 Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything associated with it. Lord Voldemort made a revolt against the system but is eventually defeated in the Civil War by Sultan Dumbledore, who allows Lord Potter to take the spoils after he won the majority of conquests against the Dark Lords forces, the Malfoys, and the Gaunts. Blood: Artemis Luna Diana: Harry Potter: fanfiction. Harry/McGonagall/Multi - if you don’t like this paring, don’t read on. YAHF reversed, Xander wakes up as an eleven year old, an 11 yr old in a cupboard, under some stairs Xander finds out that his parents are a bit more exotic than he thought. Harry and Ron are out searching for Horcruxes and Hermione's been left to help Professor McGonagall run Hogwarts. This is an Alternate Universe story, where Petunia married a scientist. org (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to Adult-FanFiction. wattys2016. out of prejudice but some because they had written him as McGonagall's  Those were the three names that had come out of the Goblet of Fire and there was only “Potter!” Harry turned to find his Head of House Professor McGonagall  22 Oct 2018 Check out this collection of Harry Potter quotes that any fan should be able to recite of the back of their hand. He parents think little of her and her twin Hermione is more in favor in her parents' eyes. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book, when the school out of the Hogwarts castle alongside professors McGonagall and Sprout , and to put . Find out by reviewing this list of 37 Harry Potter quotes every fan has to know . Competing with allies and enemies, Harry finds there is a cost to winning. K. Cov Harry called to the snogging pair,causing them to break apart. She also did not hesitate to call him out when she believed he was being too cruel. Some in which they are adults and in which Draco confronts Harry about it, or finds out are: Darker Than You Think (Lomonaaeren): Harry and Draco have been together for some time before Draco learns about Harry being abused by the Dursleys. They had all graduated from Hogwarts a scant two months ago (two weeks later James and Lily had joined the countless couples who married early due to the heavy atmosphere that had settled upon the wizarding world). Flashback. Harry Potter and the rest of the DA are held prisoner at Riddle Manor when a mysterious one-eyed man appears. This is a trilogy. Well now find out. She looked murderous. Request Basically what it says on the tin - has anyone ever read a fic where Hogwarts finds out that Harry hears his parents murder when the dementors get too close? Thank you, Rebecca D'Souza, for the A2A! Who ran their Hogwarts House with greater aptitude and comprehension of their student’s needs, Severus Snape or Minerva McGonagall? Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is an on-going Harry Potter fanfic by Eliezer Yudkowsky, AI researcher and decision theorist. Severus is also staying over. But there are evil forces planning to take over. Professor McGonagall, in hysterics, points out that the remarkably disruptive Harry Potter has an invisibility cloak, is immune to mind-reading (and, due to the same discipline, is able to resist truth-potions), and is friends with the Weasley twins, to which Dumbledore helpfully adds mention of the Time Turner. 6 May 2016 The wonderful world of Harry Potter belongs to JKR. Complete Harry angst. Rowling's series of novels. He is found by a boy on the train. Shortly afterwords Cordelia and fang boy joins him. Book one of seven. When Sirius and Remus go looking for Peter Pettigrew, they make a wrong turn and someone else finds him first. net][139873588500912:site] | Category : Harry Potter | Rated : Fiction K+  Back to: Harry Potter » Snape's Worst Nightmare Professor McGonagall stared at the board in front of her with a determined, quiet intensity. Harry Potter Fanfiction Discussion. Episode 07: Godric’s Arrival (12,551 words) Hermione is threatened from an unexpected quarter. Sorry for the interruption. Players can create and customise their own personal avatar who is a student attending Hogwarts, a British school for magic. and Where to Find Them and its sequels and the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The Order Reads: Prologue Remus Lupin and Sirius Black entered the building followed closely by James and Lily Potter. Every Tuesday, hosts Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush, and Danny Chapman read a new chapter of Harry Potter erotic fanfiction. Hiding from Voldemort, Draco Malfoy is put under Hermione's watch to keep him safe When Harry finds one of Draco’s discarded toys, Draco is unsure how to react. " And she did, so did Harry. Warnings: Goodish!Voldemort, No Slash, Powerful Harry, Mentor Snape, Good Malfoys, super bad Dumbles, very abused Harry, AU Goblet of Fire Status: Complete, 98. Some stories carry warnings for abuse, child abuse, violence, and/or adult themes. Also features Mark Evans. " . Warning: abuse. Pansy just found out about Draco and Harry. After fighting against the Dark Lord and defeating him, the 7th year students at Hogwarts, School of Magic… and Wizardry, have been given the chanceChapter 1 - A new beginning After fighting against the Dark Lord and defeating him, the 7th year students at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizar. This is a topic very close to my heart and one I’m all to familiar with. In a post-Voldemort world, Harry is assigned to protect Ginny from a dangerous dark wizard who has singled her out. The gang finds out that Willow hasn't been herself, that she's been stuck inside of a trophy since sophmore year and Catherine Madison was living her life. As soon as Harry left the Great Hall was filled with shouting. I uploaded this about a year ago and as it had so many views I decided to reupload it but with hopefully better quality. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a role-playing video game set in the Harry Potter universe, established by J. Cov WMB Harry Potter Background Fanfiction. With the support of his new house-mates, Hermione Granger, and a certain Potions Master, Harry decides to pursue a career in the education of your wizards. McGonagall, like Snape, was very strict, but much more fair, as noted by Harry Potter. Hermione didn't even bother to ask what crawled up his arse. Fics where the team finds out and are generally awesome about it are also win. 'Ron just said she and Dumbledore are 'warming the bed Professor McGonagall whispered, patting Hagrid gingerly on the arm as Dumbledore stepped over the low garden wall and walked to the front door. Upon realising that everyone had their eyes on the trio, Harry quickly ran out of the Great Hall. There's the Recnac Transaerso series by Celbony. Book One: A Second Chance at Life When Voldemort’s assassins find him Harry flees seeking a place to prepare for the battle. Roadverse 01 Anything For Love Harry Potter finds out about a new world outside of the cupboard that his Uncle,and Aunt forced him into. Stories where Harry, Draco, and or Severus are a vampire or veela. All characters named are the Hello all, Im looking for fics where Tony was abused as a child -preferably by his father but Ill take what I can get. Harry McGonagall Chapter 1: Defying Dumbledore, a harry potter fanfic. Later, the Death Eater was given the Dementor's Kiss though no reaction from Snape is noted. Darkness Dudley and Petunia are actually decent people and try to help Harry get to them and when they finally get to his uncles he finds out that not only has Dumbledore kept him away from his mates, but Dumbledore has also lied about his parents and the situation around them. Romilda finds out about the elopement. All of the fics listed here will either feature Harry and Severus biologically Father and Son, or Harry raised by Severus since he was a child, making him associate Snape as his father. Instead, they stood there and listened to tom/ginny rant then get knocked out by some ridiculous/unbelievable spell. Harry x Viktor Krum. net: More Info: 2. Disclaimer : The following was written for entertainment purposes only. Harry's connection to Voldemort is taking a toll on Harry's Health and Sirius helps him. Tags Fanfiction Romance Mcgonagall Daughter Harry Potter Love Harry Potter. Deleting your account is permanent and irreversible. "Okay okay, let me speak I'm McGonagall's daughter. 'Prove it. The Inquisitor Carrow Series by. Who knew one simple sentence and one Neville is emotionally and physically abused at home by his grandmother and his uncles . O. Along the way, he learns more about himself and the people around him than he ever believed. Lily died and James couldn’t bare to look at him. Offline Abused Angel- A Percy Jackson Fanfiction Sneak Peak of the Prologue in progress Elisabeth S. Title Author Categories Site ; 1. Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall appeared out of thin air at the entrance to of all things the next morning, and I find I'm dumped a baby upon me, my sister and  6 Jan 2018 Professor McGonagall knew who it had to be Harry James Potter. Bloodmagic, wandless magic, necromancy, fae, a thunderbird, demons, vampires. They become best friends, but what happens when Luna finds out about her father? Will friendships be tested, or will they become closer than ever? Once the girls catch feelings for each other, it does Harry's New Home is a completed AU Harry Potter Fan Fiction written by kbinnz. Severitus, AU, Crossovers, Slash, Abuse, Time Travel, MPREG and much more. Snape learns that Dumbledore is his Father, and Mother. Hermoine and Luna move to Boston and live together. ”Get her wet!”He called. I just want you all to know, there’s always a better way to solve your problems then killing yourself. Luna moved forward and started to eat her out. He thrust into her asshole,He laughed sadistically as she screamed in pain,but he continued banging her and his breathing pace "The Late To Hogwarts Fic," in which a young wizard or witch doesn't get their invitation to Hogwarts at age 11, or is unable to go, until later age (usually when romantic plots would be more okay, so from fourth year up) — the other way is to introduce a transfer student (who's usually from the same country/general area and of the same background as the author, and is very similar to them During Harry's fifth year, Minerva McGonagall's cousin Rain comes to Hogwarts to be the History of Magic professor. Harry is forced to confess the secret he holds most dear. Harry finds out about life debts and promptly claims one from his best female friend. Harry proposes to Ginny. Episode 06: Tom’s Curse (13,239 words) Dumbledore asks a favor of the Earl of Gryffindor. 31 Mar 2012 When Family is called upon, Harry finds out that the Dursley are not his only to do so on DeviantArt or Fanfiction(dot)net, you can drop me a question, . . On a road trip with his friends he meets Draco and Ron. Site : [fanfiction. Harry took no notice of this for he was watching outside of the window, looking at other cars pass by. Harry gets sorted into Slytherin, becomes dark, or has a brother or sister that is TB:GWL. Ron freaked out. ' he said coldly, warily. Bardsley's Tales - Harry Potter Fanfiction. “It clicked to me upstairs, Albus. " Sign up Log in. Harry bent Ginny out the window so that her big melons bounced outside the windows. Summary: Things only get worse for Harry as summer begins. Harry is forced into the body of another Harry in a parallel world, where Snape adopted him years ago. 12 year old Harry Potter has been put into the muggle social services system after proven neglected and abused by the Dursleys. How does McGonagall react when she learns that the Trio knows about the  28 Apr 2011 Now, in this chapter, Harry thought he heard a strange note in the prof's I guess , since you have read some fanfiction ("OOC is irritating to me"), you Professor McGonagall knows that Harry Potter is the one with the power  The first person to write a fanfic in which the Dursleys abused Harry so . com, this particular piece has been circulating to the amusement of many on the internet because Anya went on strike for a day at work. Obie, his mother, a random kidnapper -its all good. There, he hide underneath a banner and was mistaken for a very young child before having to be stunned as no one could calm him. Take a look at it for my other fun takes on HPU stuff. Much to his surprise, both Draco and Harry grow to love the man that Severus is and each other, leading them to stay until the very end. Prologue Flashes of green and red lights were sent from one opponent to the other, some hitting their target, some missing theirs. it is a harry potter fanfic from like 2009, 160k words, 50 chapters; basically, adult Harry accidentally goes back in time and wakes up on his 11th birthday again, but with all his memories of the future intact An interesting little story. After learning that his father and godfather was an Animagus, with the help of Sirius Black, Harry learns to become one before his fourth year. Harry reached out and placed his hands on Ginny’s ass cheeks, forcing them up and down as he watched his cock disappear in and out of her pussy. She was also the only one of James' friends to befriend Snape. net Harry Potter Fanfiction. for all those of you out there you love seeing harry bashing. I will protect you by CeliaEquus "Tony Stark has slowly been withdrawing from the rest of the team, and Agent Coulson is determined to find out why. When Minerva McGonagall finds out that Harry Potter sleeps in a cupboard under the stairs when she sends the Hogwarts letters, she goes to investigate and finds an abused and severely deprived boy. 6 Jun 2017 MULTI-CHAP. Report Abuse | Report Ad Snape, along with Dumbledore and McGonagall, saved Harry from Crouch while he was trying to kill Harry. Anthem of the Angels- By Known Continuum. ”, before McGonagall can even finish her sentence. Minerva McGonagall pregnant Harry and Hermione's eyes had allso jumped out of their suckets, as well. When Harry a Summary: When Dumbledore finds an abused Harry, he decides Harry needs to go into hiding. Gen. Without "Harry stay right here I'm going to go get Professor Mcgonagall. Aurors Missing moment - Harry tells Ginny she was the original target. Snape, as a discovered spy, accompanies him as does a reluctant Draco Malfoy. This is taken out of a post from my Harry Potter Blog here on Quora. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works However, she trusted him because she knew that Dumbledore trusted him, too. When classmates are murderous, Dark Marks seductive and you're sharing a skull with a stranger, well, let's just say it's hard to keep a clear head. A new Marvelous world with pokemon. He laid Harry gently on the doorstep, took a letter out of his cloak, tucked it inside Harry's blankets and then came back to the other two. While an innocent Sirius brakes out of Azkaban and is set on finding his former lover. Harry Potter > General • List All 499 Stories • Add Story Published Authors [3258/23922] • Crossover Stories [20722/25373] • Answered Challenges [975/4554] • Complete FFAs [2853/4397] Site code originally based on Storyline ©IO Designs 2002. When Minerva McGonagall wants to send Harry Potter his Hogwarts letter, she finds out that Harry Potter sleeps in a cupboard  2 Apr 2013 "I promise as soon as we get out of here I will find you a mouse or a rat or something. She is different in many ways. " Harry, have you given your entry to summer school to Professor McGonagall? This is great for all the Harry potter fans out there! We looked around and couldn't find Minerva anywhere else. There he saves his cousin and heads to DC to work for NCIS. Summary--- Horribly abused, Harry knows his days are numbered—and it is only made worse when his name is pulled from the Goblet of Fire. It’s his sixth year at Hogwarts, and Harry Potter finds out all new benefits of being the Chosen One in Harry’s Sex Year by VenomBat22. As his uncle drove and drove from his house, he kept staring at his nephew in an eccentric way. Lauren is a girl with an abusive father. This one features a lot of different ladies, so buckle up. Xander finds out that he has a cousin in another world. An interesting little story. Fortune Favours Of The Damned Rated: M Sirius hasn’t the first clue who this green eyed stranger is exactly, but he’s here now and somehow he’s Sirius’ problem. nishizono NC-17 I would like to share some of my favourite Harry Potter scenes here on my channel. Cov Harry finds out about life debts and promptly claims one from his best female friend. And Harry will blurt out, “He slept in and is running late, but he’ll be here in a few minutes. Man. Harry enlists Ginny to help him find out if its true. Come read, write, and explore our site. He hides his Slytherin self under the guise of a naive Gryffindor. this C2 contains stories where harry is abused by his muggle relatives only. Resonance by GreenGecko Summary: Year six and Harry needs rescuing by Dumbledore and Snape. The story details the events set into motion when one Severus Snape is given care of Harry Potter after the abusive and neglectful treatment by the Dursleys is uncovered. Chapter 81: Taboo Tradeoffs, Pt 3. Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards Fanfic: Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Wizards Ch 1, Harry Potter Harry Potter FanFic Archive. Cov Looking for a fic where (in PoA) everyone finds out what harry hears when the dementors get close. Read the miscellaneous free on Booksie. ” So, Harry Kim is playing Harry Potter. Read Chapter 4 from the story Forgive Me ~Harry Potter FanFic~ by of Professor Dumbledore and finds the famous thirteen year old without his concealments? to where he shall be staying, he ought to get some rest" Professor McGonagall said. I am trying to find a story where an abused Harry somehow managed to get on the Hogwarts Express, than waited until everyone left, got in a carriage and made it into the castle. Harry and Ginny use ice in bed - N S F W. I'm not sure if the original challenge by Severitus is what actually started this whole genre but it sure is the reason that it became so popular. Catergories : The AFF system includes a rigorous and complex abuse control system in order to prevent improper use of the AFF service, and we hope that its deployment indicates a good-faith effort to eliminate any illegal material on the site in a fair and unbiased manner. Harry Potter And The Son Of The Dragon Rated: T At the begining of his Sixth Year Harry is rescued from Voldemort by a Vampire. discovers the existence of magic, worlds collide in a war between magic and technology. A Second Chance at Life by Miranda Flairgold. You have people there standing and doing nothing with wands in hand. Xander finds out that he has something inside that puts him firmly out of the “normal” category, and decides to travel to a castle in Scotland to learn more about it. His old friend Eleanor, finds out about the accident and comes down to see how he was doing. In the quest to find fugitive Lucius Malfoy, Auror Harry Potter finds something else entirely Anj NC-17 18,182 EWE Sucker Punch McGonagall and Snape are determined to put a stop to Harry and Draco's bickering once and for all, and Snape's unorthodox methods prove to be a lot more effective than anyone could have anticipated. She finds the timid and polite boy in a group home and offers him a home for the holidays. Tradition says communication with the dead is possible. Of Magic and Muggles by Socoobo Centuries after the events of Harry Potter, the magical world is in ruins after countless wars, while the muggle world thrives under the rule of artificial intelligence. She starts manipulating him, into believing that they were a couple, not him and Harry, and Louis starts to believe her. In a desperate bid to gain crucial information, Harry attempts to play the player, with unpredictable results. Abused by his relatives, he is saved by an unlikely person, and finds out something that could change his life forever. Tom/Harry, Snape/Harry. Heather Granger is different. Serena Lilly Rose P. "Freak Harry had made his own make-shift cast for it out of the meager clothing scraps in his room. She had no one, was abused and adopted and sent back to the orphanage many times. WARNING FOR ABUSE. Ron Finds Out from the story My Best Friend (Harry Potter Fanfic) by GenerallyThere19 (Rahel) with 4,616 reads. In fact, now that she looked around the room almost half the Weasleys looked nervous, anxious, or in Ron's case, furious. Glad you like it Harry Potter FanFic Archive. Net Author's Summary: Lily and the Marauders go into hiding right after Voldemort attacks them, they can't bring harry, Harry is left in the care of snape, They don't return until Harry turns 13, having grown up knowing Snape for his father. Dinner was a quiet affair. As their love grows, the line between good and evil begins to blur as finding the truth becomes a test of trust. Cov Harry Potter Fanfiction. Harry and Ginny’s wedding party - McGonagall This is a story about love. 11 Apr 2011 Ron finds Harry crying in his bed one night after a detention. While we don't normally publish fanfic here at NoDignity. When he He got out of bed and quickly walked over to where Harry's bed was. the first thing anyone who saw har would've thought was 'Where's the closest exit? This is taken out of a post from my Harry Potter Blog here on Quora. It's about 10$ more than at Walmart but we knew . The Road Taken by Lady of El (aka Solo Shodan) Harry Potter belongs to J. It’s only much later in the night when he’s stalking Draco on the Marauders Map that he wonders why McGonagall asked him when Pansy Parkinson was sitting right there. The resulting understanding Minerva Mcgonagall ran out in the hall way. She goes to Hogwarts and meets a girl named Luna Lovegood. He summoned her as Minerva McGonagall, but she was no longer Minerva McGonagall but Minerva Dumbledore so she didn't come. Harry finds out hidden secrets that his best friend Hermione is his twin Relationship: Original (Single) Love Interest (Minerva McGonagall) Lily. She can  1 Jul 2017 Harry sighed and held his right hand out for McGonagall to take, While he had never wanted any of the staff members to find out about his  21 Nov 2010 "Everyone knows that James Potter only got drunk once and never did it "It shocked us all" McGonagall said "But Harry Potter has enough to  15 Dec 2013 Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination The full extent of Harry's abuse at the hands of the Dursleys comes out when Professor McGonagall hand delivers his Hogwarts letter so, by the time Sirius gets out of Azkaban, Harry is living with the . Author Summary: "Harry Potter has found out he's a wizard and is on his way Hogwarts. Report Abuse | Report Ad Harry and Louis are dating, and Louis gets into a car accident. When Harry Potter is able to take a good look at Heather he is smitten. Each Harry must find a way to survive, and search for a way home. He was surprised to find it was Professor McGonagall. Minerva McGonagall surveyed the Great Hall. "Look around. net In the final room, Harry finds out that it was not Snape who wanted the stone, but Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Professor Quirrell. Stealing Harry by Sam, Copperbadge Summary: AU. Rated for abuse and cursing. Eight minutes had passed and his uncle was now looking at Harry more than ever. However, during his fourth year, a mishap happens that’ll change his life and a few others forever. When the Malfoys come to the Dursleys for dinner, they find an abused Harry and decide to take him away. After hearing a little bit about him through Ron's letters, Ginny realizes that she doesn't know as much about Harry Potter as she thought she did. Shouted the Gryffindor Table making McGonagall blush slightly while  3 Nov 2015 Author Summary: "Harry Potter has found out he's a wizard and is on his "I don't read fanfiction too often, but this one is a story even those who And new friends , like Hermione Granger, and Professor McGonagall, and  Behind the scenes In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Minerva In the novel, the duel between McGonagall and Snape plays out somewhat  The following fictional characters are staff members and denizens of Hogwarts in the Harry . Summary: When Ginny Potter is brutally murdered while in bed with her lover, Draco Malfoy, a now middle aged Harry must go back in the public eye to find out who her murderer was. Comment down below what scenes you want to see next. Letting out a low growl of satisfaction, he finished stretching his arms and wandered over to look at   Harry is unique because he can think outside of the box, and one of the reasons for . Petunia & Harry become a team, and Harry finds the wizarding world much earlier than anyone suspects. This is ridiculous, said a part of Harry which had just dubbed itself the Internal Consistency Checker. McGonagall eats Doby the house elf. He was thinking about what he had found out just after Sirius' death. These are stories where the character of Harry Potter is a Heir to one (or more) of the Founders (of Hogwarts), Merlin, Azkaban, or some other important to the story figure(s). Recommend me the best Minerva McGonagall fics for the wiki. I don't know of any where Harry has a disability, Tumblr is a hard place to find Harry Potter fanfiction because it’s not searchable the way that ffnet and AO3 are. Harry Finds out who his real Parents are. He also hides the wizard friendships he made years before Hogwarts. When he wakes up he doesn't remember the memories he and Harry have shared. Systematically abused and degraded children do not suddenly turn into well-adjusted members of society when removed from the abusive situation. McGonagall was Snape's Transfiguration professor when he was a student and likely admired his Harry smiled; loving the fact he could just lie there and watch as Ginny’s fine ass engulfed his cock. Our actions here are completely incoherent. One-Shot where Harry finds out you self harm for pin3apple-f4nta (Sydney)!. Lupin eats Tonks. Remus suffered great mental anguish as the war escalated when he learned that his wife was pregnant. Source (s): Fanfiction. This is a story about love. I’m a big fan of Harry being ooc and somewhat if not entirely dark so some of the best of that category are: Dark as Night - Dark as Night Chapter 1: Death, a harry potter fanfic : this is about Harry being abused by the Dursley’s. AU. Status: Good. In this follow-up to Epithalamium, Minerva and Albus venture into the Muggle world to enjoy a romantic winter interlude in Italy. But when a young woman dies of poisoning at the Ministry’s Midsummer Ball, Harry is the first suspect, and he can only uncover the true murderer by working with his childhood rival, Draco Malfoy. After Harry's abduction by the Malfoy's the Dark Lord seems to change his mind about the Chosen One, but it's a mixed blessing. If you like the scene Sorry for the interruption. All related data, including stories, reviews, etc. Harry, tired of kissing (and doing other things to) numerous lovers, decides to escape the confines of rated fanfiction. The game is set between Harry's birth and his enrolment to Hogwarts. Login or register to post comments; 6 replies Tue, 10/15/2019 - 05:29 victoriae350 . Read Minerva McGonagall from the story Snape's Daughter (Harry Potter fanfic) by Debzy123 (Debbie E) with 10,981 reads. Summary: Severus has a girlfriend. Harry is sixteen when Voldemort discovers his human horcrux. Harry gets his hands on Slytherin's locket, but gold is not all he finds. net In the fall of 1996 Harry finds a book about the ancient holidays just before Samhain, or what has become Hallowe'en. mcgonagall finds out harry is abused fanfiction

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